Sunday 17 January 2021

Day 307 of self-isolation - Vaccination continues

Vaccination continues

As of now, 3.5 million people have had their first jab. The first target is to give the first jab to the top four groups by mid-February. And if you look at the graph, it's looking like the target might get achieved. 

Those in that target include:

Care home residents

Care home workers

Age 80+

Healthcare workers

Social care workers



Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (under 70) 


These groups account for 88% of deaths from Covid. So ladysolly and I are expecting to be invited to our jabs in early February.

But not everyone will accept the vaccine offered. Vaccine hesitancy was highest in Black or Black British groups, with 72% stating they were unlikely/very unlikely to get the jab. Pakistani/Bangladeshi groups were the next most hesitant, with 42% unlikely/very unlikely to be vaccinated.

This is strange. Everyone surely knows that higher mortality is correlated with darker skin, so if anything darker skinned people should be keener to be inoculated. We don't know whether that higher mortality is caused by vitamin D deficiency (darker skins make vitamin D more slowly) or whether it is socio-economic factors. But either way, you'd think that people more at risk would be keener to take the vaccine.

Why is this? Nobody knows. But there are far too many people spreading disinformation, ranging from the mythical "chip implantation", the mythical "it isn't halal" all the way up to "it hasn't been tested enough".

Meanwhile, Salisbury Cathedral has been temporarily turned into a vaccination center.