Saturday 16 January 2021

Day 306 of self-isolation - Lack of oxygen

Lack of oxygen

Some Brazilians hospitals have run out of oxygen. When that happens, a lot of Covid patients die.

"Guys, I'm asking for mercy. We are in a terrible situation here. The oxygen of this entire unity has just ended. There is no oxygen. There is so many people dying right now. Whoever has a tank of oxygen at home, please, bring to this hospital. There is so many people dying. Oh my god, I ask you to share this vĂ­deo, we need help. There is to many people dying. Please! Please! Oh my god!"

In the UK, we've closed all "air corridors" from other countries. But people are still allowed to travel - they just have to "self-isolate". But you know and I know, that many people who are supposed to self-isolate, won't do that.

Two million dead worldwide. $00,000 dead USA. 86,000 dead UK.

 The UK target is to vaccinate ladysolly and me by mid-February.


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  1. Hope you are well Alan and family. Been following your blog and thoughts for a long time. Brought up in Aylesbury but now in Ireland. Would be great to have a call or chat with you if you are bored at some point. I find your posts and views relatable. All the best, L.