Sunday 3 January 2021

Day 293 of self-isolation - Remember the Boris moonshot?

Remember the Boris moonshot?

The plan, announced on 9th September, was to spend £100 billion to enable 10 million tests per day.

It got cancelled on October 22nd.

Remember "Five days of relaxed rules of Christmas?" Actually one.

Remember "Schools will reopen on January 4th?" No, they won't.

And the latest. We'll give everyone a single dose, and the second dose 12 weeks later. The reasoning is that this will make use of the scarce resource (the vaccine) to save the greatest number of lives.

I have two thoughts. The first is, I was under the impression that AstraZeneca was manufacturing at full speed while the trials were going on, so that there would be a big stock of vaccines ready to go. It seems that I was under a false impression.

The second thought, is that the first dose of vaccine gives 70% efficacy, 21 days after the first dose.  But many people won't like the idea of not getting the 95% efficacy that was promised.


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