Friday 1 January 2021

Day 291 of self-isolation - Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2020 has not been a complete washout. 

I didn't get infected, nor did Ladysolly, nor did any of our relatives get severe Covid. One of them is already vaccinated.

In November, Trump lost the election.

 Three vaccines were tested and approved.

We left the EU with a free trade agreement.

2021 will be a lot better

Sometime in 2021, hopefully before summer, most people in the UK will be vaccinated. I'm hoping that Ladysolly and I get the jab before spring; we're 10 millionth in line for it.

The new Covid variant will be prevented by the vaccines.

I'm hoping that our heating system will be repaired by February, and we can stop using the Calor gas heaters.

My HSBC Securekey will arrive in January, and I can do online banking again.

I can get a haircut.

 In June, we can have a big family holiday, to make up for the dismal Christmas of 2020. But not on a cruise ship.

I can stop using the horrible VAT MOSS Union scheme from HMRC, and start using the Irish non-Union scheme. 

Ladysolly can play bridge offline.

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  1. Wishing you a happy new year and thank you for all your posts - more wisdom than any of our politicians.