Wednesday 25 November 2020

Day 254 of self-isolation - Movie theaters

Movie theaters

A long time ago, the only way to show a movie, was in a big room, with a screen and a projector.  People would pay 1/9 (one and nine, a shilling and nine pence) to sit in the big room and watch 20 minutes of advertisements, followed by 90 minutes of movie.

The first nail in the coffin was TV. Why go out to a movie, when the movie can come to you?

The latest nail in the coffin, is Covid-19. Why sit in an enclosed space with hundreds of other people, some of who might be infections?

Movie theaters changed. Today, they are no longer one big room, but are divided up into several smaller spaces, each showing something different. I remember when some of them were converted into ten pin bowling alleys.

Now they are in a poor financial situation. They've been closed and reopened, closed and reopened, and even when open, they are restricted in the number of people they can accommodate.

I think that the number of movie theaters, post-covid, will be far fewer than before.


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