Monday 23 November 2020

Day 252 of self-isolation - Thanksgiving

I heard that Thursday will be "Thanksgiving". For non-Americans who don't know what that means, I'll explain.
It means that all over America, people will be travelling thousands of miles to spread Covid-19 to and/or from their loved ones. Unable to mask, because they will be eating and drinking, they will gather in poorly ventilated rooms to breathe virus particles at each other.
Some of them will be doing this because they still think that 1.4 million dead people worldwide is a hoax, some will be doing it because they think that the virus will also take a holiday. Some will be doing it because they know the risk, but they just don't care - the thought of a slice of turkey overrides caution.
With new American infections per day currently looking like 200,000, some will think that this is just part of a hoax, others will think that it can't possibly get any worse.
Yes, it can. God bless America.
But I can't complain. In the UK, we're getting ready for the biggest Covid party of all time, based around December 25th.

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