Saturday 21 November 2020

Day 250 of self-isolation - A survey

A survey

I was phoned today by Ipsos Mori, a market research organisation whose name means "They die". Very appropriate, because they wanted to poll me about our oven-ready government's response to Covid.

If you've been reading my blog, you can imagine my answers. The government's response was too little, too late last March. The "Eat out to help out" campaign in August had the entirely predictable result of a surge in infections now, and the Government telling people to stop working from home and go into the office made things worse.

The failure to follow the scientific advice while telling us that they were following the scientific advice helped to destroy our trust in them, and the Dominic Cummings affair (by the way, he's been asked to switch on the Christmas lights at Barnard's Castle) did even more damage.

Yes, the furlough was a good idea, because it helps share the pain of the lockdown. No, I didn't run any errands for other people during the lockdown, but I did get help from other people - mostly Waitrose and Ocado.

I still have confidence in the NHS (they did extremely well when I had three cracked ribs) and I've used them since the virus (blood tests and a dental filling, which is temporary but has lasted very well).


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