Thursday 19 November 2020

Day 248 of self-isolation - Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

And the virus is getting fat. 

There is going to be a lot of pressure to open up for Christmas. Everyone wants a party - me too!

It's too soon to make a decision, but it does look as if the number of new cases per day has stopped climbing. But new deaths per day is still running over 500.

But will the virus take a day off on December 25th? No chance. What the virus really likes, is an indoor location with poor ventilation, and lots of unmasked people. I don't know how to eat turkey while wearing a mask.

 Meanwhile - there's a study showing that mouthwashes containing CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride) kills Sars-Cov-2 ... in vitrio. Meaning, in a test tube. But does it work in a mouth? That's yet to be determined. The mouthwash used was Dentyl. Other mouthwashes containing CPC include:

  • Crest pro-health multi-protection mouthwash
  • Colgate Total Pro-Shield
  • Sensodyne Pronamel Daily Mouthwash
  • Oral-B Pro-Expert Multi Protection alcohol free mouthwash
  • Colgate Plax Cool Mint
  • OraCare+ Senstiive alcohol-free fluoride mouth wash

I'm currently using Listerine. Does that kill Covid? I don't know - that isn't why I use it. But if they fond that CPC works in vivo, I'll be using it.

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