Thursday 29 October 2020

Day 227 of self-isolation - Postpone Christmas!

Postpone Christmas!

Bristol has moved to tier 1 plus - if you live in Bristol, you'll need to find out what that means.

Wales is in a Firebreak - if you live in Wales, you'll need to find out what that means.

In Scotland there is going to be five tiers - if you live in ....

Yesterday we saw  367 deaths, and another 310 today. Last March, the peak was around 900.

I feel like we're rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I hope we learned some lessons from last spring; better treatments for Covid, and not so many ventilators. Better care of care homes, and maybe by next year, we'll have a test and trace system.

Christmas is looking rather doubtful, although I suspect that a lot of people will break whatever rules there are by then. But I have a bold proposal for Christmas - postpone it. My suggestion would be June 25.

There is no rational reason to celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Even fervent Christians will admit that there is no reason to believe that he was born on that day. So let's move it. 

June 25 is in summer; it will be warmer and sunnier than December. Instead of wood fires, we can have picnics! Barbecues! Instead of snowball fights, daisy chains. The people who go door-to-door singing carols, won't get frozen toes.

Australians celebrate Christmas in summer. We can too.


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  1. 10,000 per day is true rate?: Scary - and that figure just for England:

    I'm free on June 25th