Sunday 25 October 2020

Day 223 of self-isolation - Zinc


My first encounter with zinc, was when I was about 13, and getting interested in chemistry. Stinks and bangs. Zinc plus hydrochloric acid (or any other acid) gives you hydrogen, which bubbles up from the test tube, and can be collected by using the fact that it is lighter than air, by holding an inverted test tube over the reaction.

After a while, you can light it, and it explodes. It's not much of an explosion, more a "pop". But it's fun to do.

My bible was "Chemistry experiments at home for boys and girls", a superb book (I still have it) which would probably be banned now. The "sugar plus sodium chlorate" explosive experiment alone would get it banned, let alone the nitrogen tri-iodide which explodes when you touch it.

My latest encounter with zinc is a lot less exciting. Dr John Campbell (on youtube) is a medical doctor of great experience, and he's been following and analysing the pandemic, with references to published academic papers. That's why I'm on 2000 IU of vitamin D. And he talked about zinc.

If you are zinc deficient, that affects the immune system. And one of the treatments they gave Trump was, apparently, zinc. So I ordered zinc supplements from Waitrose; it works out at  2.5p per day (sixpence in old money), and I've made those part of my daily intake. Because if I do get Covid-19, I want to give myself every chance I can to brush it off.

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