Monday 12 October 2020

Day 210 of self-isolation - A grand day out

A grand day out.

I went to London on Sunday, to see the daughters and family. We discussed the usual subjects, with the exception of Brexit, which is a dead horse now.

For dinner, we had meatballs and rice.

I suspect that this might be the last time we can all get together for several weeks. 

And when we got home, we found that the heating system has failed.



  1. Yesterday - server failed
    Today - heating system failed
    Tomorrow - ???

    Never heard of meatballs and rice. Is that with a brown gravy like we might have with Swedish meatballs usually served with noodles? Or does it have red gravy like we server with pasta? As I finished this, I guess noodles and pasta are similar but the meals are different as is the gravy/sauce.

    I did a search and saw this one that looks a bit similar but I'm guessing no pineapple in yours. The picture of yours and the one I found look good.

  2. This isn't a picture I took. It's one I found that looks exactly like the one I ate.

    I don't know the recipe. But there was definitely no pineapple.

  3. Not had an update on the heating system failure. More complicated than dealing with server rebooting?

    1. I tried rebooting. there was a flash and a bang, and my great experience with computers twlls me that this is a BIG problem that needs Mario, so we're waiting for him to turn up. Meanwhile, we're using a combination of electric heaters and computers to keep warm.

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