Friday 9 October 2020

Day 207 of self-isolation - Another trip

Another trip

It's looking increasingly likely that London is going to Defcon four, so before that happens, we're making another trip to see daughter.1 etc, because we didn't see her last trip.

This, of course, is conditional on there not being a lockdown before Sunday that prevents that. Because things are not looking good right now, with 17540 new cases yesterday, and another 77 deaths. And the curve of new cases is on a strong uptrend; deaths will follow a few weeks later. 

Meanwhile, in America the second round of Trump vs Biden looks to be cancelled, because no-one wants to get into an enclosed room with a disease carrier, so the cross-party committee agreed to have it virtual. But Trump chickened out of that - maybe the White House internet connection is a bit iffy.

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