Sunday 27 September 2020

Day 195 of self-isolation - Florida, app, resistance

 Florida, app, resistance

Florida, where there are still more than 100 Covid deaths per day and around 3000 new cases per day, has decided to reopen bars and restaurants. Why?

Florida needs your money. If you spend a week in Florida, they get your money, and the infection that you picked up there, won't manifest until you've gone home, and it becomes someone else's problem.

The UK app

A third of tests can't be linked to the app. Our oven-ready government can't IT it's way out of a paper bag.

But only 18.2% of those who developed symptoms in the last week actually reported self-isolating.So maybe it doesn't matter that the tracking app is so poor.


Some thousands of people protested in Trafalgar Square against the measures to control the virus. One popular speaker was David Icke, the guy who claims that the Royal Family are lizards (he has many other fantasies).

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