Saturday 25 July 2020

Day 131 of self-isolation - Flu vaccinations

Flu vaccinations

Masking in public enclosed spaces in the UK is now compulsory, with a possible fine of £100.

About time! This should have happened months ago.

Last year, 15 million people had flu vaccinations (including me). This year, people aged 50 and over (and 11 year olds) will be eligible for free vaccination - the government is trying to vaccinate 30 million people. Last year it was age 65 and over. This winter, we want fewer people in hospital with flu, to make space for the people with Covid-19 (we hope for the best, but plan for the worst). I'll certainly be getting a flu jab.

Flu is not just a bad cold. in 2014/15, flu killed 28,330 people in England. It's usually at least 10,000. For comparison, Covid-19 has killed 45,000 in March to July 2020.

Of course, anti-vaxxers will see this as a cruel hoax, or an attempt to control the sheeple, or do your own research. I especially love that last one, it's as if spending hours watching youtube videos is comparable to double-blind randomised clinical trials done by real doctors and analysed by real statisticians.

In the USA, another excess deaths figure has been calculated. The number of deaths from every cause over March 1 to May 30 is 28% higher (122300) than the reported Covid-19 deaths (95235). The USA daily death toll is back over 1000 again, the daily new infections number os 60-70k.


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