Wednesday 15 July 2020

Day 121 of self-isolation - Mask or else

Mask or else

From July 24, face coverings will be worn in shops. It's mandatory, with a fine of up to £100. I can't imagine many people being arrested for this, but it does mean that when someone sees a person spreading germs by being unmasked, they can quietly offer them some words of advice, or even a mask, and explain that it is, in fact, compulsory. But we Brits are mostly a law-abiding lot, so I think it will work out well.

Even the mannequins are wearing masks!

But things are not so good in the USA.


Florida is getting some 10,000 new cases each day, and the latest death number was 132. Yes, businesses are allowed to be open,but  the young folks are having Covid parties, and Disney is open.

In 52 Florida hospitals, there are no empty ICU beds, which means that doctors are having to decide who is likely to have the most benefit from any free bed. Seven hospitals are at 100% capacity. And testing continues, with 28% of people tested, turning up positive.


Also pushing towards 10,000 new cases per day, and 117 deaths yesterday. The governor has ordered bars to close, and churches, and indoor dining in restaurants.


19% of people tested are positive. Phoenix hospitals are at more than 100% capacity - how is that possible? By putting beds in conference rooms, corridors and waiting rooms.


Another epicenter, with 10,000 new cases per day and a rising death toll.

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