Saturday, 11 July 2020

Day 117 of self-isolation - The Waitrose van cometh

The Waitrose van cometh

Weight - 230 pounds. Blood pressure 121/75/59. Blood oxygen 98. I can still go upstairs two at a time. Looking good! But I could lose a few pounds.

A big day today. We have a Waitrose delivery coming, and a Visitation from daughters and grandsons. The Visitation will be held outside in the back garden, with social distancing, drinkies and nibbles. And grandsons running and crawling all over. 

Today the UK Covid-19 death rate was 48, the lowest it's been on a weekday for a four months. And the new case number was 512, also lowest for four months. But the USA is looking like a train wreck; cases increasing, deaths increasing, all pandemic precautions are seen as political and therefore to be avoided by half the people. It's hard to imagine how people can take that attitude, but the virus will do what the virus does, and if they help it along, it will do it faster.

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