Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Day 108 of self-isolation - Local hot spots

Local hot spots

We don't know why these four towns are hot spots. It would be nice to know, if that could lead to action, but we already know what the action is - face mask, social distance, wash hands. The lockdown in Leicester is continuing for two more weeks (I suspect it will be more), and if things get worse in Bradford, they will have to lock down again also. And that will be very unpopular.  

The biggest problem in the UK is masking - the lack of it. People just don't seem to understand the importance, and I blame the government for this. Right at the start, we were wishy-washy on masking, because the government was worried about the availability of PPE. But we aren't talking about PPE-grade masks. A simple cloth over the mouth and nose, and spectacles (or sunglasses) over the eyes will have a major effect.

My view is that every senior politician should wear a mask in public, whether they think it's necessary or not. And every junior politician, civil servant and government employee. Leadership is best done by example.

I doubt if it's feasible to make it compulsory. We tried that on public transport, and maybe that can be made to stick (I doubt it). It has to be done because people want to do it. Which means education and leadership by example.

America is a lost cause. Masking there has become a party political issue - can you believe that? And American infection numbers are rising horribly fast. Travel from America to Europe is being banned.

Let's not have the same thing happening here.


  1. In the States, Dr. Fauci has been caught wearing his mask just for photo-ops, and removing it once he thinks filming has stopped-

  2. I looked at that video. I notice that while he had his mask off, he was at least two meters away from anyone else.