Sunday 21 June 2020

Day 96 of self-isolation - school's back in September!

All children will be at school in September.

We hope.

Sorry, but I've heard so many missed dates by B.S. Johnson, I'm not holding my breath.

Some questions. We now know that the track-and-trace app, promised for June, won't be available until winter - and even then I'm not sure it'll happen, since we're now being told that this "crucial world-beating" app is no longer the cherry on the top of the tracing cake - it's more like a forgotten raisin at the bottom of the bowl.

And we still haven't forgotten the PPE bungling.

Will the "following the science" two meter distancing, now be reduced to one meter? Is this alternative science? Has the virus become less infectious, somehow?

And will masking in schools be compulsory?

Will parents be willing to send their kids back to school?

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