Friday 19 June 2020

Day 95 of self-isolation - wolves in sheep's clothing

Wolves in sheep's clothing

The UK government has just announced that the NHS app  won't work on Apple iPhones, because of the Apple security system.

Wait, what?

I knew this a month ago, and I'm no expert on IOS. Someone explained it on Slashdot. Don't UK government experts stay in touch?

The trialled this on the Isle of Wight. Didn't anyone notice then?

We are sheep led by donkeys.

But there are wolves around.

So. I open my front door, go into a different room while they burgle my home, and then realise I've been robbed.

Deputy chief medical officer for England Dr Jenny Harries said “it will be very obvious” when a member of the public is contacted by someone from the programme. Jenny, I'm sure you're a great doctor, but if someone wants advice on security, you are not the one to give it.

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