Friday 12 June 2020

Day 88 of self-isolation - two fat ladies

Two fat ladies

Today I went out, for the first time for three months. I've been postponing my routine blood test, but I do need to get my INR (how runny is it?) tested. The test is quick and simple, just a prick to my thumb, and the results are immediate.

So. I put on my mask, and my goggles. I look like a bank robber on a motorbike.

I arrived at the clinic, and a nurse who looked like a bank robber on a motorbike asked me if I had any sneezing, coughing, loss of smell, or if anyone else had. Then they took my temperature by sticking something in my ear, I passed, and I went on to the blood testing clinic.

The waiting room chairs were not distanced, I didn't take a token with a number on. I was asked to wash hands before the test, then we did the usual test (a little pricking of my thumb) and my result was exactly as desired. Next appointment, three months.

I used one of our paper disposable masks, and between that and the goggles, I can understand why people don't like wearing them. I'll use my cloth mask for ordinary use, and instead of goggles, I'll just wear my glasses.

On the way back, I noticed that the barbershop, which I had used occasionally, was now "to let". I doubt if he ever got much trade, being somewhat out of the way, but the lock down must have been the last straw. I would guess that the same is true for some other shops.

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