Thursday 11 June 2020

Day 87 of self-isolation - the end of Nigel!

Daughter.1 and daughter.2 have bubbled; included in that bubble are grandson.1-3. Everyone is bubbling. But we aren't bubbled, we don't meet the criteria, there are two of us. Maybe bubbling will be expanded in future.

Or track and trace system fails a third of the time. No surprise there. A third of people needing to be contacted, couldn't be, or refused to give any details. What will you say when you get the phone call "I'm Karen from NHS contract tracing ...".

Death numbers are down to 151, so we're still winning.

As we come out of lock down, people will have bee outside less than normally. Many people will, therefore, be vitamin D deficient, because we get 90% of that from the action of sunlight on the skin. Vitamin D is important for our immune system; that's why I'm taking 2000 IU per day.

Nigel Farage has left LBC! This is excellent news at the Solly household; we both listen to LBC as if it's a radio (it is, actually) but during the two hours that Nigel is on, we switch off (and sometimes forget to switch back on) because he is so transparent in his tactics and so irritating in his speech pattern.

Maybe he shouldn't have made a comparison between Black Lives Matter and the Taliban.

Looking at the whole world; new cases are rising after being on a plateau for some weeks. This is especially in South America and the Indian subcontinent. I do understand the economic reasons why countries like India couldn't continue the lock down, but we are facing a gory butcher's bill.

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