Saturday 2 May 2020

Day 47 of self-isolation - domestic dramas

I haven't seen next door's cat for a while. Did someone read my "Day 93 of isolation" post and take action?

My weight is down to 16 stone, 7 pounds, that's 232 pounds, or 113 kilograms.

But I'm not worried. I could afford to drop another 50 pounds without looking skinny.

I've been paying more bills online, using our HSBC account. Their checksum device has an awful keypad, I have to press each key firmly with a pencil. The Barclays one is much nicer.

I've sent the rusty old generator (that I was sold as new) back for a refund. I've also requested a refund for the UV lights that I was sold as "disinfecting". It turns out, they are disco lights, and not at all disinfectant. Instead, I've bought a unit suggested by daughter.1, meant to be a baby bottle steriliser, but it will work as an incoming mail steriliser.

The water softener needed to be refilled with salt tablets. This bag weighs 25 kilos! I emptied the bag into the water softener, so that should be good for a while.

I've been counting my hand washes. It's looking like about a dozen per day. In normal times, that would be three. Maybe. And for the first time in my life, I'm using hand cream to try to compensate for the natural oils that I'm washing out.

I phoned up the people I go to for blood tests; because I'm on Warfarin, they have to check my INR (blood thickness) regularly. But I'm very steady, and I've been on the same dose for ages. Except when I had a tooth extraction, and the doctor suggested that I go off for a few days, and then get it tested before the dentist did her work. That, of course, showed up very thin blood, so they got a bit worried and told me to come back for retesting in four weeks (it's usually 12). That date was April 27th. I called them to say that I'm reluctant to be tested. Because in the past I've been so steady (apart from the tooth changes), and because I'm in lock down, and going to a hospital unless there was a good reason, seemed to me to, on balance, to be a bad idea. The Warfarin nurse agreed with me, so we've rescheduled for May 27th. And we'll see what the situation is then. It's not that I'm totally paranoid, but it does seem to be an unnecessary risk, so why take it?

She said they're very busy there - yes, I can understand that! So I think she didn't put up much resistance to my suggestion.

Ladysolly is now playing so much internet bridge, she asked me to set up a computer for her; the iPad screen is so small. So I did that, and then she sat in my office (where the computer is) playing bridge ... on her iPad.

So now I've set up the iMac that I inherited from daughter.1 so that it can do Zoom conferencing, and her bridge programs.

One of the kitchen drawers got stuck, locking us out of all our cutlery. Crisis! I went at it with various tools, dismantled the drawer below, and generally made several ineffectual efforts before I was told "Get out of the kitchen!". Ladysolly fixed it after I'd left, doing something magic by removing the item that was sticking inside.

Such is the drama that we have in our life nowadays.


  1. Charles Dytham2 May 2020 at 19:25

    Are you familiar with Anoia - Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers, a minor goddess on the Discworld?

  2. That must be it. How do I appease her?