Sunday 26 April 2020

Day 41 of self-isolation - Excess deaths

We went for a long walk yesterday - longer than planned, because I found a track off the footpath that I hadn't known about, so we explored along it, and when it came out we found ourselves on Finch Lane, which came out by the White Lion (looking very sad and closed), then along the Amersham Road back to Little Chalfont (also looking very sad and closed), and then home. About four miles.

Excess deaths.

It sounds gory, and it is. The average number of deaths in April (averaged over the last five years) is 10,000. If we see more people dying, then that's "Excess deaths".

We're seeing 6,000 excess deaths per week, which is 60% more than expected. Many of those are Covid-19, but some of them are knock-on effects, such as people who die of heart attacks or strokes, who didn't call an ambulance to get immediate treatment. On the other hand, there are slightly fewer road traffic deaths on account of the lower road usage.

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