Friday 24 April 2020

Day 39 of self-isolation, supplementary - Trump's treatment

Trump's treatment

Trump suggests that people might inject themselves with disinfectant to cure coronavirus. To be precise, he suggested that the White House coronavirus task force should investigate whether a disinfectant could be injected as a treatment for coronavirus victims. Or hit the body with ultraviolet. Or bring the light inside the body, either through the skin "or in some other way."

"It sounds interesting to me."

Bleach, Dettol and Chlorex are certainly good for cleaning kitchen surfaces and bathrooms. But no-one in their right mind would suggest injecting them. The White House coronavirus task force is going to investigate this? Really?

Ultraviolet is also good for disinfecting surfaces. But if you use it on human skin, you get sunburn - and it can be very bad sunburn. And as for using it inside the body? Daft.

The danger here, is that someone will take him seriously, as happened with his hydroxychloroquine idea, and kill themselves with this. Bleach releases chlorine gas (the same gas used in World War One). This attacks the lungs and eyes, mouth and throat. If you do get exposed accidentally, seek immediate medical help. If you do it on purpose, seek immediate medical help, followed by psychiatric help.

Or someone with access to a UV tanning bed, could try to use that. But those use UVA, which tans the skin (and an overdose gives sunburn, or even cancer), not the UVC that kills viruses. A moron owning a UV tanning bed, could do himself a lot of damage - and do nothing about any viruses.

This video clip is now circulating widely; the first time I was told about this, I simply didn't believe it, until I saw the video.

Some things are just too bad to be true. But this extremely bad idea, really did fall out of President Trump's mouth.


  1. There is actually a respected research project investigating the use of UV light within the body to treat coronavirus:

    Chemothereapy for cancer is essentially the injection of poison into the body on the principle that healthy cells can survive the dosage while cancerous ones will not. This is not far from what Trump suggested should be investigated.

    1. Dr Trump has already undermined your reply by claiming that he was just being sarcastic. In other words, he meant exactly the opposite of what he said.

      So are you claiming that Dr Trump lied about being sarcastic?

    2. I'm saying that what he said, sarcastic or not, was not completely crazy.

    3. But he said he was being sarcastic, which means that he meant the opposite of what he said. Being sarcastic means that he was mocking the ideas that he spoke.

      So you're disagreeing, and think that ideas he was mocking, are actually a good idea?