Monday 20 April 2020

Day 35 of self-isolation

After six weeks, I can't understand why we're still short of simple stuff like masks, gowns and face shields.

I could understand a shortage of complex stuff like ventilators. but how can we be six weeks into this, and still we're short of simple stuff?

And why hasn't the UK government told us to cover mouth and nose while in public. If you're certain that you can maintain those six feet, I could almost understand it, but the fact is, if you go shopping, or on a bus or train - you're sure to get within six feet sometimes.

The face covering doesn't need to be a surgical mask - just a cloth over nose and mouth will do. The purpose isn't to protect the wearer, it's to protect everyone else from the wearer. A sneeze emits a swirling cloud of virus-laden droplets for up to 20 feet (six meters); a cough travels 15 feet. Just talking to people is offering them any viruses that you're carrying. And if it's just a fabric mouth cover, it's washable and reusable. This is what WHO recommends, this is what the USA CDC recommends, this has become mandatory in New York. It doesn't cost anything, everyone has a suitable square of cloth to use.

So, we bought testing kits from China, paid for them - then discovered they didn't do what we needed.

So, we bought 84 tons of PPE from Turkey, due to arrive Sunday, and now where is it? Not arrived yet, don't know why.

I feel like we're in a situation where we've become so desperate for stuff that we're willing to buy from anyone, cash down, delivery ... later. Maybe. I hope we paid by credit card.

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