Friday 17 April 2020

Day 32 of self-isolation

 My 105 watt super-UV light arrived. It's big, and has a little fan to stop it from overheating. I've started using it to disinfect the incoming post.

We had another Waitrose delivery. We have a routine - spray each item with alcohol except the things that don't need refrigeration. Those things just get left for three days, which is the time needed to be sure that the virus has died off.

One welcome item, was a copy of the Radio Times - ladysolly has been missing this sorely, and although it isn't one of life's necessities, since it was part of the larger order, it's allowed. Most of what we got was fresh fruit and vegetables, plus milk (normal and long-life), and some chicken. We have a delivery every six days, which is half as often as we normally shop. By the sixth day, the tomatoes are very squishy!

We've also found that we can get an occasional delivery from Cook, a place that sells frozen pre-prepared meals, thus making the cooking task much easier.

It rained today, that was also very welcome, breaking the long spell of sunny days. The garden was very happy.

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