Sunday 12 April 2020

Day 27 of self-isolation

The oximeter arrived. That lets me measure the level of oxygen in my blood, and also displays my pulse rate. One of the big warning signs of a severe infection, is if your oxygen level is low; that's telling you to go to hospital.

It's slightly alarming at first because it takes a few seconds to show the result. It showed 86% for a few seconds, but then it got up to 99% and 58 beats per minute. Every time I get anything tested in hospital, they put one of these on my finger, and they're really cheap on eBay (£11), so I bought one. If either I or Ladysolly start to have trouble breathing, this will be a useful monitor. 95% or better is normal, 92% is not good, 88% is dangerous, 85% is a hospital trip.

The kitchen sink of daughter.2 fell apart. I was asked if I could fix it remotely, but although my powers of grandfatherly magic are considerable, they don't extend to remote kitchen sink repair. Fortunately, Pimlico Plumbers came to the rescue.

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  1. Could have suggested rebooting sink by switching it off, then back on?