Saturday, 11 April 2020

Day 26 of self-isolation

I saw a black butterfly.

That means a thunderstorm, and that's certainly what we're seeing with Covid-19.

Problem in the plant room today. The plant room is a glorified cupboard containing the boiler, the tank, the water softener, the incoming telecoms and fiber and the router.  The main symptom was - no hot water.

So Ladysolly told me to fix it. I went into the room and the first thing I saw was a red light on the router. This router has two power supplies; I connected one to the power in the plant room, and the other to a UPS that is fed from another power source. The router was still working (without it, I would have no internet, and would notice immediately) but the red light told me that one of the power sources had failed. So I looked up, and noticed that the multiway connector that it plugged into, was showing no power. Which mean, no power in the plant room.

Outside the room, in the garage, I looked at the contact breakers, and sure enough, one had tripped. I reset it, and power came back on, the red light on the router hanged to green and the boiler restarted itself. So I've fixed it - for now, at least. I'll keep an eye on it. I don't want to have to call in an electrician if I can help it. But we do need hot water. I have a primus, left over from our camping days, but ladysolly won't like it.

We had another delivery from Waitrose; a dozen bags of shopping. Food supplies are still working; the driver said that their sales are 30 to 50% up. That probably means that they are taking sales from retailers who are not offering delivery services.

Why don't they provide masks and gloves for their drivers?

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