Sunday 5 April 2020

Day 20 of self-isolation

Blood pressure; 124/83, pulse rate 56. Looking good!

It's Sunday, and the weather is beautiful. I think we'll go out for a walk - in our garden.

More food today - we did a click-and-collect from Waitrose, which was collected for us and delivered. We spent the next hour disinfecting it and putting it away. Ladysolly thinks  she might have over-ordered. I don't think she did, because we are only shopping once each week.

An unanticipated problem - spraying with alcohol has dissolved some of the sell-by dates. In future, we'll relabel them before spraying.

The Scottish Chief Medical Officer,  Catherine Calderwood, twice broke the lock down rules by going to her second home. She should be sacked; this gives out the wrong message. She wasn't sacked, she was just allowed to lurk out of sight in press briefings. Our governments STILL are not serious about this. 

... update ... she resigned.

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