Thursday 2 April 2020

Day 17 of self-isolation

Weight down to 16 stone 8. Another food delivery arrived today, demonstrating the difference between shopping and ordering food. This time, the goodies included a single leek. I suggested to ladysolly that if we combined that with the single banana that we got last time, we could make leek and banana soup, but apparently, that isn't a thing.

One of my worries has been set to rest - two jars of decaf coffee came in this delivery. I was concernedd that I might have to go back to non-decaf.

Paying people suddenly got more difficult. Our particular Barclays group suddenly went offline, leaving a message that if we needed to contact them, we should phone our personal contact who will be working from home. And, of course, we don't have her home phone number.

It's entirely sensible of them to make this decision - not so sensible to assume that all their customers know the home phone numbers of theis personal contact.

Tested cases of Covid-19 reached a million, worldwide. The worst place to be right now, is New York, with a horrific death rate.

The toothbrushes I ordered on eBay arrived today. Commerce is still working

I did a nice April Fool yesteday. I signed on to Faceebook as Donaid Trump and posted on a politics group. Fun was had by all.

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