Wednesday 25 March 2020

Day 9 of self-isolation

Today, I consulted the doctor (GP). It was a telephone consultation, and only took a minute. A while back, I had a vitamin D deficiency, so he prescribed pills for that. I finished those, and went on to tablets from Boots, 25 micrograms. But that's just a guess, so 10 days ago, I had a blood test. It came back as totally normal, so I'll just stay on the Boots tablets.

This is *SO* much more efficient than me having to travel to the doctor's surgery for this. OK, some things obviously need the doctor to actually see the patient, but this didn't. I think there's a lot like this, where either a phone consutation, or maybe a picture, is all that's needed.

Looking more widely, I think that when we come out of the other side of this crisis, we will have found that a lot of the things that we thought needed face-to-face for, can easily be done over the internet. Business meetings, for example. And maybe even conferences. Although it can't substitute for the after-conference session boozing in the bar!

I have a routine now for the post. I empty the mailbox, bin the junk mail, spray the letters etc with alcohol, leave everything except what looks urgent for a few days.

A parcel arrived today, with the Dettol spray I ordered. I told the driver to leave it on th eporch, then when he'd gone I gave it a bit of an alcohol spray, then put it in the utility room. I'll leave it for a few days then open it.

I'm getting lots of advice to stop smoking, which I cannot do, because I don't (and have never) smoked.

And my dentist called just now, to cancel the routine checkup due next week. But since I was just there last week for the extraction, that's not a problem! Dentists are cancelling all routine appointments.

The WHO is testing four possible drugs.

Lopinavir ad ritonavir
Interferon Beta

These are just possibilities; until the testing is done, we won't know which of them are effective, and how much.

I can recommend following Dr John Campbell on Youtube. He knows what he's talking about, and  is good at explaining things in plain words.

Pro tip: Ladysolly went for a blood test today. She got out of the car and put on a sugical mask. Yes, we know that this mask isn't going to do much to protect her, but the idea is, she looks like she might be infected, so people will stay well away from her!

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