Monday 23 March 2020

Day 7 of self-isolation

We did a couple of meetings today - via Facetime. One business meeting, one with the daughters. That's how it's going to be from now on.

And we got out of the house, and went for a walk - around our back garden.

I discovered that we're running very low on Dettol spray and wipes, and there's none in the supermarkets. But I found some on Amazon and eBay, and ordered.

I don't understand why we aren't testing NHS staff who are self-isolating because they have a cough. This takes them off the front line for a week or more, and for some of them, it's unnecessary.

Cases in China are coming down. And we all know why - it's because they took a very aggressive isolation stance, very quickly. Can we learn from that? Probably not.

Compare and contrast with the UK - last weekend, the weather was great, so Brits went out to parks and beaches and mingled.  We'll pay the price of that two weeks from now.
And the COBRA committee is meeting now - surely they'll do something drastic to clamp down on the idiots who think that "avoid crowds" doesn't apply to them.

Yes this will be a major curtailment on personal liberty, but these aren't ordinary times.
America will have a big problem with doing the same; the combination of the American attitude to being told what to do by government, and the widespread owneship of guns, will lead to a great many more American deaths that there could be.

We won't see a vaccine for at least a year. People making optimistic noises about "a few months" are basing this on hopes and prayers. We have to live with this until some time in 2021.

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