Thursday 19 March 2020

Day 3 of self-isolation

UK 104 dead, 2626 cases

This is what "exponential" looks like.

Tomorrow, all schools in the UK will be shut. We're being told "London is not being shut down.", which, of course, means that it will, not just yet.

We're being told "Stay at home". So that's exactly what I'm doing. But people aren't listening. They didn't listen to "Wash your hands" which you'd think would be easy to follow, and they aren't listening to "Stay at home". Yes, I know it's difficult to do, but that's what is needed.

Covid-19 isn't like the influenza we get each winter. You can get a vaccine for flu, and I do, each year, although if you're stupid enough to be an anti-vaxxer, tough on you. I also have the jab against pneumonia.

But there is no vaccine for Covid-19, and we're being told there won't be for a year. And a vaccine is the only way this will be stopped. It takes a year to have a vaccine available, mostly because of testing. We don't want another Thalidomide situation.

But here's my thought. At some stage, the risk from being vaccinated, will be less than the risk from Covid-19 for the most vulnerable. So we'll start vaccinating the over-90s, and if that goes well, down through the age groups. But it will be an extremely brave decision to use a vaccine that hasn't been thoroughly tested. So who will take that decision? It's the "Trolley problem", but large.

I'm 233 pounds, one pound more than I started at. Being overweight is bad for you - unless there's a food shortage, in which case I'll be glad of it.

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