Wednesday 18 March 2020

Day 2 of self-isolation

I refreshed my prescription medications (nothing serious, just eye drops and the like); I don't want to have to get them filled in the middle of the four month isolation (and it could be longer), because that would involve going to the pharmacy, and that's a place where ill people are likely to go.

I gave a friend some hand sanitiser, because she didn't have any, and also some anti-bacterial alcohol. At this time, we have to help each other.

I went on eBay and ordered three ultra-violet lamps. I'll be using these to disinfect food deliveries. The box will be left outside, I'll bring it in, wash hands, then give the boxes a blast of UV to kill bacteria and viruses. Then I'll open the box, and zap the contents, because someone handled the bags and boxes of whatever inside. Am I being paranoid? I don't know, but it's an easy precaution to take. It's the self-isolating that is paranoid, and that's an official government recommendation. UK lamps are still available on eBay, I don't think many people have thought of that yet.

Why not use alcohol to disinfect? Because it's food. Also, I won't run out of electricity (see below).

I'm getting Coronavirus spams. The scum have latched on to this, and there are some pretty nasty things being sent out. Don't assume that computer viruses have gone away.

Malware warning

My last day of non-isolation was Monday. I had a most enjoyable (?) outing to my dentist to remove a tooth that was half-destroyed already, and cracked at the base, and loose because of the infection under it. It had to come out, and I was, of course, dreading it. The local anaesthetic injection stung rather, but the extraction itself? I didn't feel a thing, honestly. I got two stitches to stem the bleeding, and it's been fine ever since. I gargle with salt water, and with Listerine.

My weight is down to 232 pounds, I lost a bit because of theextraction.

A great way to celebrate my last day of freedom, before entering the castle and pulling up the drawbridge. Oh well.

So what will I do with all this free time? I have a couple of hundred books unread, partly from my last Christmas present, partly from charity bookshops. And then a couple of thousand I already read, but are worth reading again. And I have the internet, and electricity, and if the electricity goes out permanently, civilisation is over; good night and thanks for all the fish.

Best wishes to all the other self-isolators. Follow my blog to see how it goes.