Saturday 28 March 2020

Day 12 of self-isolation

My new UV lights arrived. Bacteria and viruses are susceptible to hard UV light, so I've set them up in the utility room, and I'm currently zapping the post. However - I think I need something to hold them in place, so I've ordered retort stands from eBay. I was surprised how cheap those are, just over £5.

And I found another UV light rated at 108 watts, which is three times as much as the 36 watt lamps I already got, so I bought one of them.

Today, a huge rise in UK deaths; 260 killed by Covid-19. Things are getting really bad here, we're up to the levels of France in daily fatalities.

I found the "Please sir" movie on Youtube. 50 years old, and it wasn't very good.

Barclays online banking isn't working.

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