Friday 27 March 2020

Day 11 of self-isolation

It's a lovely sunny day today, and here we are huddling indoors. Summer this year is cancelled, owing to plague.

Another delivery arrived - more Dettol antiseptic wipes. I ordered from two different places, on the guess that only one would deliver - but they both did. Of course, we're using a lot of these now.

Yesterday I had fish, chips and beans for dinner. We had a can of Heinz beans that was dated to expire March 2020 (bought quite a long time ago) so we had to use it or lose it. Ladysolly doesn't like beans, so I had the whole tin. Yum!

Some people are hoping that when the weather gets warmer, this will kill the virus. A figure of 27C has been mentioned. But I have bad news for you; first, the human body runs at 37C, and secondly, if you look at Australia, where it is summer right now, the virus doesn't seem to be bothered.

This is what's happening in Spain. It's a very harrowing video. Doctors are being forced to decide who lives and who doesn't. 65 year olds are being taken off ventilation so that younger people with a better chance of survival, can get treated. The oldies are sedated so they can die peacefully, while still isolated from their loved ones. It's tragic. We MUST avoid that here, and the only way to do that is hand washing and social distancing.

I also ordered another UV antibacterial lamp, this one is 108 watts, much more powerful than the 36 watts lamps I already ordered. If you use one of these, make absolutely sure that you don't shine the UV on your skin or face. I ordered this one from Amazon.

American cases are now higher than any other country. New York is the next place that will be a disaster area. They are now taking this seriously, but the rest of America? Not so much.

Boris Johnson has the virus, and so does Matt Hancock, the minister for health.

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