Wednesday 11 December 2019

Holding our noses

For a lot of people, including myself, there isn't any party I want to vote for.

The Tories want Brexit (and caused this mess in the first place).
The Labour party has become institutionally racist.
The Libdems seem to have lost touch with reality. Actually, that's true of all of them; they seem to think that fighting an election is a matter of who can spray the most money into the air. But we voters know that this magic money will evaporate as soon as the election is over.
The Greens are even more unrealistic than the Libdems.
The SNP doesn't appear south of the Border
The Brexit party don't seem to have more than one idea.
UKIP is nearly as racist as the Labour party.
Does the BNP still exist? I hope not.

Which leaves the Monster Raving Loony party as the only party that attracts, and the only party without completely barmy policies. Who would have thought?

Tomorrow, I will turn up at my local polling station with a peg on my nose, and I (like most other Brits) will be voting for the least worst (and it's a close-run race). I'm hoping for a hung parliament, when any of the fools above don't get carte blanche to wreck the country and my life. And I'm hoping for a landslide defeat of the racist parties, so that they can reconsider their position and abandon their vile racism.

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