Monday 23 December 2019

Command and Conquer

35 years ago, Frank Thornley showed me Command and Conquer. I was immediately hooked, and it became my favourite game for a long time. I continued through Red Alert, downloaded lots of missions, and it was great. But after several years, I moved on to Civilization.

But now that I can reliably win Civ at Deity level, I'm waiting for Civ version 7, which isn't even on the horizon.

I just rediscovered C&C. There's an open source version now, and it runs fine on Linux. I downloaded it, and clicked on it, and it just worked! I've done the first few missions, and I'm just getting used to the game again. I think there are some differences from the original version, especially in the user interface.

I love the combination of economic development and war strategy and tactics.

So, that's my Christmas sorted!


  1. I've known about openRA for years. If I knew you were a fan of c&c I could have told you about it ages ago.
    I recommend you have a look at total annihilation (I believe that the spring project works on Linux), supreme commander forged alliance and age of empires.
    There's also an upcoming remaster of c&c and redalert

  2. Thanks. Yes, I was big on C&C and Red Alert. I downloaded loads of extra missions, too.