Monday 18 November 2019

What is Andy guilty of?

First of all, let's remember the cardinal principle of British justice - innocent until proven guilty.

And let's add to that, the fact that Andrew Windsor has not been prosecuted, or brought to trial for any offence. So why is he going through "trial by media"?

He's been accused of having sex with a girl of seventeen. The accusation is by the girl herself, and the only evidence that we've seen, is a picture of him with his arm round her (and we all know how easy it is to photoshop a picture like that). And there's nothing criminal about being photographed with someone.

I should also point out that in the UK, the minimum legal age for marriage is sixteen.

So what else is there?

He counted Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, as a friend. But that was before he was convicted, so did he know that Epstein was a bad guy? Probably not. Andrew is obviously like Bertie Wooster, mentally negligible, but with no Jeeves to advise him. Probably a nice guy, but one who would be knocked out in round one of "Who wants to be a millionaire". So what might have been obvious to other people, is likely to have been beyond his ken.

Further evidence that Andrew is stupid - he spent four days at Epstein's home AFTER Epstein was convicted. And the final evidence is the rather obvious fact that, since he hasn't been charged with any offence, his best course would have been to maintain a dignified silence.

If he'd had the sense to keep his trap shut, then the whole thing would have blown over quite soon, there being nothing to feed the flames. I think his PR adviser (who resigned) would have told him to keep silent.

So what now?

He's probably too stupid to know that he needs to say no more, but everyone close to him should be telling him that. He's 59, so it's time to retire from public life and concentrate on his hobbies (but avoid fox hunting).

The Queen must be spitting nails about this.


  1. Jeffrey Epstein also know as "Screwfix"

  2. I was asked to test software that filtered out porn sites. So I installed it on my computer. Things went well, until I went to the Screwfix web site to buy some plumbing supplies. The stupid software wouldn't let me access the site because it thuoght that the only possible meaning for "screw" was sexual.

    I wrote a report for the people who asked me to test it. They dropped it like a hot brick.