Friday, 8 November 2019

The Tampon Tax

The 20% VAT on tampons has been called "the Tampon Tax", and has sometimes been blamed on the EU. The theory is that, if we leave the EU, then we can have zero tax n tampons.

Nice theory, but untrue.

Germany has just decided to cut the VAT on tampons from 19% to 7%. Many other EU countries already use a lower tax rate for tampons.  We always could have done the same.

So why is the 20% tax rate blamed on the EU?

I don't know. But many other things are blamed on the EU, such as immigration from Pakistan, the rules for kippers that Boris claimed were eu (are actually UK rules).

In the past it has been very convenient for politicians and newspapers to blame anything they don't like on the EU, whether that's correct or not.

Now we're reaping the penalty for these lies. And when we've left the EU, who will the politicians blame for their mistakes?

The EU, of course.

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  1. It is because the EU is run by a bunch of C**TS