Wednesday 6 November 2019

The Brexit party candidate for Batley and Spen

Jill Hughes was selected by the Brexit Party for the constituency of Batley and Spen.  But because she revealed that she came from the star Sirius, she has been dropped as candidate.

This is disgraceful. Even though she came here from Sirius, she is a British citizen, and entitled to stand as an MP. And since we have very few MPs originating from Sirius, it is especially important, for the sake of diversity, that we have as many people from distant star systems as we can encourage to stand for election.

Sirius (also known as the Dog Star) is an important element of the stellar population. Indeed, it is the brightest star in our sky with an apparent magnitude of -1.46 (that's Sirius A; Sirius B is a lot dimmer, and is invisible to the naked eye).

We can only hope that the Martian-origin Brexit party candidates are not treated in such a disappointing fashion.

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