Friday 15 November 2019

Free broadband

Nice idea, and who wouldn't want something that's free?

But surely "Free beer for all the workers" would be a better vote-winner?

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  1. I can think of better ways than free broadband for the govt to spend my hard earned tax on. Rural broadband should have been built into the commercial agreements for BB rollout and rather than focussing on faster and faster BB for those who already have it, stipulating a target of minimum 50Mbps across the country would have been better use of funds. 5G will let anyone have high speed BB but us small business still need reliable cabled BB at better than the 4Mbps my location is still capable of (yes I aggregate some 4G connections to give me a lot better than that but I don't tell BT that - and it isn't great for VOIP or upload. And when I heard a government spokesman talking about Satellite broadband for businesses then I know they understand nothing of the technology and factors like latency. ever tried VOIP over a Sat BB connection? At least 5G will have better latency figures than 4G or Sat. but the wavelength is also more easily absorbed by the environment - not sure how that is going to pan out unless we all have external antennae? Lets just hope the weather stays nice as 5G doesn't like moisture .. and I wonder if everyone will be happy with the many extra cellular tower? tbc!