Thursday 23 May 2019


Is throwing a milkshake at someone, an acceptable form of protest?

Absolutely not!

Saying what you think is acceptable. Holding up a placard is acceptable. Joining in a protest march is acceptable.

Throwing a milkshake is bullying. Legally, it's common assault. It is not NOT political discourse, it is not legally protected free speech. If you think that throwing a milkshake is an acceptable form of protest, then you also think that an appropriate reply to your milkshake, would be a milkshake thrown at you.

What happened to polite, civilised disagreement?


  1. Hi Alan - I doubt if you remember me - we worked a bit together many moons ago in the early days of S&S - I was at PW then, in the heady days when the number of known viruses exceeded 20! I was telling a friend about those days which I remember with great affection. I hope you are keeping well and thriving - I am retired now. If you want to drop me a line it's All the best!

  2. Hello - hope you are doing well now!