Thursday 14 March 2019

The can, kicked again

After a flurry of votes on various amendments, our team of 650 clowns has decided to ... kick the can further down the road. Again. Maybe.

The vote was 412 to 202 to ask the EU for a delay beyond 29 March. But for that to happen, the 27 other EU countries have to ALL say yes. Will they?

Why should they? We still haven't said what we want. All we've said is what we don't want, so I'll just list that.

1. We don't want the May deal.
2. We don't want to leave with no deal.
3. We don't want to stay in the EU.

And to that, we can add:

4. The EU has said that the May deal is the only one on offer.

So what do we want? We don't know. And when do we want it? We don't know.

Quite likely, not all the 27 EU countries will agree to an extension that has no end in sight. They must think we're a bunch of toddlers, making a demand but without any clear idea of what we're demanding.

"Give me what I want!"
"What do you want?"

How does that affect me?

I'm ready for "Making Tax Digital" which comes in on April 1 (good choice, clowns). But I'm not ready for paying my VAT which will come due on April , because our 650 clowns can't tell me whether we'll be in the EU or out. If we're in, I can use the "Union VAT-Moss scheme" which I've been using for a few years now. If we're out, then I can't use that, I have to use the "non-Union VAT-Moss scheme". But for that, I have to register for it in an EU country, and I can't register until we're out of the EU.

And if we leave on 29 March, then I think I will have to simply not make any sales on the next two days, because if I do, I'll be blowed if I know what to do with the EU VAT.

Those 650 clowns have absolutely no idea how much chaos they're causing.

The damage to democracy isn't being done by the possibility of re-running the referendum, it's being done by the clown car crash that is Westminster and the revelation of utter incompetence that we are witnessing.


  1. What do you sell?

  2. You have to laugh (or cry)...

    Only 12 hours of voting to get an answer.

    Now, 999 days later, there is still no concensus among those in favour of Brexit on what the question ment.

    Who found have predicted that?

    Anyone who's familiar with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A few million years for the computer Deep Thought to calculate the answer 42. Working out a meaningful question would require rather longer and a computer the size of a planet with organic life part of its matrix.

    Oh Douglas, how we miss you. We need him now more than ever!