Friday 22 March 2019

Kick the can, kick the can

So now we have a two week extension to Brexit - the can has been successfully kicked down the road again. And if parliament can be poured into the May Deal mold, we can have another couple of weeks.

So now what? With a majority against it of 150, with the ERG awkward squad calling the May Deal "The worst deal in history", I don't see them doing a somersault. So, still no deal, it would appear.

You remember when we were told that these deals would be the easiest deals in history?

Here's the thing. We have this wonderful pink unicorn, and other countries will give us anything we ask in exchange for unicorn milk, so we can rely on being able to get whatever we want.

Except that we seem to have misplaced our pink unicorn.

Why, oh why did we get ourselves into this mess?

So we're going to be in the same situation; Parliament doesn't want "no deal", parliament doesn't want "May deal", it's inconceivable that the EU will give another extension. We've painted ourselves into a corner, and there's no-one to blame except the circus of 650 clowns.
It's going to boil down to a choice between "No deal" and "Revoke article 50", and wither way, there is going to be a LOT of angry people. Because No Deal is going to bugger up the Irish Good Friday agreement, which is the treaty that ended the Irish Troubles, and violating that treaty wuld be INSANE.

So, now about my own VAT problems.

My VAT quarter ends on March 31, Brexit happens on March 29. And it will still end on March 29, unless the clown circus can pass legislation to move that forward. And can they do it? I'm damned if I know. On past performance, all they can say is what they don't want.


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