Friday 22 March 2019

A possibility of sanity?

Thee are now seven options on the table, and one of them is to revoke article 50, which cancels the whole Brexit farrago, and is now the best option available to us.

We know that about 70% of the 650 clowns are in favour of this, and it's become clear that this is the best option available to us, now that we know that the EU is not willing to give us all the benefits of membership without any of the membership requirements. Which, it seems, came as a great surprise to many people. And that the expected unicorn that would give us the sun, moon and stars has not appeared, probably because you need a virgin to tame a unicorn.

So will our Respected Rulers vote for the best option available?

No chance.

They voted 312 to 308 against "No deal". So that's probably what we'll get.

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