Monday 25 February 2019

Second referendum

And now the Labour Party is supporting a second referendum. Labour is against "A damaging Tory Brexit".

I expect a howl or anguish from all the Brexiteers who think that this will reverse Brexit, and they undemocratically don't want to ask the people. So what's the justification for this?

It's very simple. Any rational person will take into account any new information that affects a previous decision. And we have new information that we didn't have 2 1/2 years ago. We now know a lot more about the ins and outs of Brexit, and the consequences of Brexit, and the difficulty of Brexit, than we did in 2016.

How can anybody possibly argue that a referendum would be undemocratic?

If you think that the result will be "Leave", what's the problem? If you think that the result would be "Remain", then why are you trying to go against the will of the people?

But what about the cost?

The cost of Brexit has already been so immense, that the cost of a second referendum is insignificant in comparison.

So - it's great news! The proponents of "Project Lemming" are quaking in their boots.


  1. Before the referendum Nigel Farrage & others were very clear about one thing - after losing the referendum (as they expected to) they would fight on. Even by the low standards of modern politics, the brexiteers are engaging in hypocrisy of epic proportions.

    And let's not forget his interview on ITV breakfast TV the morning after the vote. His final words after being repeatedly asked about people voting for Brexit on the basis of that notorious £350M for the NHS bus was a muttered "Well they made a mistake then didn't they".

    As every medical professional is taught, the only valid consent is informed consent. And once given, consent can be withdrawn.

    I wonder how many of the brexiteers would agree to undergo invasive surgery based on their own standards of consent?

    I used to thoroughly enjoy your columns in PC Plus magazine back in the '90s.