Tuesday, 4 December 2018

All change!

Parliament has ruled that they get to see the whole legal advice on Brexit, not just the summary. Why is this a big deal? Because the government has been fighting tooth and nail to stop that happening, so there must be something juicy there!

And in another news item, an EU legal bigwig has said that if we want, we can change our minds about Brexit, which certainly wasn't clear before.

So when parliament votes next week against the May plan (and it looks like it will) what then?

May plan B? Unlikely.
Crash out?  I doubt if there's a majority for that either.

So how now, can the government kick the can down the road?

Sharpen your pencil - I feel another referendum coming on.


  1. I feel there is going to be a very major change in how the people view the electorate in future. How can you have another referendum, the result will be a resounding remain as people don't like unease/change and this has shown there will be much. If we just got out, are we not Great enough to stand on our own two feet? If we aren't then why or how can we be a big play in Europe! I feel a very big unease coming, but then again we are so apathetic, it probably wont make any difference ! This will be sad times for the U & the K

  2. As I understand it "No deal", or rather WTO terms, is the default and does not need to be voted upon. After all, the electorate voted to leave, not for a deal with the EU.