Saturday 2 June 2018

Barclays Merchant Services, and VAT

Six months ago, BMS (Barclays Merchant Services) changed over to a new accounting system. So when the first new bill arrived, in a totally different format from the old bill, I compared the old with the new, and I found a major discrepency. Previously, they had been charging me £50-£60 VAT each month. Suddenly, the VAT number was £5.

So I called them up. Either the old figure was inflated, or the new figure was too low. It took them about six months to look into it, and eventually, I got a nice refund from them.

I wondered, then, what they would do about all their other customers. Now I know. I just got a form letter from them, explaining about this.

This blunder must have cost them a lot.

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  1. I never realised this blog existed. I was just reminiscing about how I got into computing security with my wife and recalled my how real 'addiction' started in a small, rather dingy (from memory) room in Clifton Village, Bristol, back in the late 80's when I attended a talk (BCS sponsored I believe) about viruses, where after the talk I was lucky enough to talk about the rudimentary polymorphic virus (with code printed out) with the presenter. It's so long ago now and I doubt if you remember this particular encounter but I've been trying to keep the 'bad guys' out ever since.