Friday 16 February 2018

Another scammer

This one is with BT, at least that's what he claimed. Apparently, my IP address is being used in California. Oh no! So ...

First, he established that I have a computer. But I dn't know what browser I'm using. He suggested a few, but dopey me, I just don't know. So then he told me to find the Ctrl key. "Hold on," I said.

After a few minutes, I cme back. And then he wanted to know what key was next to it. He's looking for the Windows key, which my beautiful IBM Model S, vintage 1983, does not have. But I lied to him, and said, after a few minutes pause, "there's a sort of squarey squidgy thing".

At that point, he realised that the computer wasn't next to the phone. So he suggested I move the phone. No can do, there isn't a phone point where the computer is. So do I have a mobile? No.

So I suggested that I move the computer to where the phone is. Fun fun fun.

So then I left him waiting for five minutes, while I "moved the coputer". He called again, and I told him that he just interrupted me moving the computer because I went to answer the phone. "Do you do internet banking," he asked. I told him I did, just to get him excited.

Because I'm pretty sure I know this scam. He wants me to install a RAT (remote access tool) so he can take over my computer, install his trojan, and then charge me money to remove it, which he won't do anyhow. I've been here before.

So now I've moved the computer, but I haven't moved the screen yet. We had a lottle chat about that. These CRT screens are *heavy* and it takes a long time to move them, especially for an old geezer like me. Puff puff. And the keyboard.

And when it's moved, I have another disappointment for him ...

He wanted me to connect to, which, I guess, he wants me to think is a BT site. I checked the whois, it's a Czech company. I've emailed them to alert them to the problem.

The internet connection is back where the computer used to be.

So he told me to take the computer back there. But that was after a riff that I dn't really understand, when he was asking me to look at the bottom left hand corner of the screen which is where the time is? Only it isn't. Maybe his version of windows is different from mine.

So now I'm "taking the computer back again" ...

So now, as if by magic, I'm able to sit in front of the computer and use the phone. So he talked me through starting up a run box (Windows-R) and

And the computer rebooted.

So he took me through the same process again

And the computer rebooted again.

So he took me through the same process again

And the computer rebooted again.

 So he passed me over to his manager, Mark Roger. Who got me to run Google, and do a search on "my 1p address" (not my ip address!).
IP Address66.249.79.92 [Hide this IP with VPN]
IP LocationMountain View, California (US) [Details]    

OMG! He's right! Time to panic ... (actually, it's a googlebot).

So he sent me to And the computer rebooted.

He told me that this is caused by the "hackers" locking me out from the british-telecom web site. 

He thought that maybe it is a loose power cable. So he got me to unplug and plug it back in.
And I was a bit clever here; I unplugged both ends of the cable and plugged it back in. Not excessively clever, though - I didn't switch it back on until he told me to.

So then it rebooted, and Windows came back up, and I told him that, abd he said "yes yes" and then the phone line went dead.

Am I rumbled?

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